Operations & Maintenance

As an operations and maintenance (O&M) provider, px Group works in partnership with clients to deliver energy in a safe, efficient and environmentally conscious manner. We don’t just provide a service – we operate facilities as if they are our own.

We manage, operate, and maintain some of the UK’s largest industrial facilities, and apply the same rigorous processes to those as we do with our own infrastructure at the px Group-owned Saltend Chemicals Park, located in the Humber region at the heart of the UK’s Energy Estuary.

Our team of experts operate with integrity and responsibility across the upstream, downstream, midstream, energy and renewable markets, providing clients with appropriate and results-focused solutions. We utilise over 25 years of experience to deliver specialist operations & maintenance services across power and CHP, onshore and offshore gas, chemical and industrial parks, waste processing, bioenergy, biofuels, and fuel storage. 

Our services range from design through to commissioning, and from routine operations to long term asset management, as well as being a permit holder for safety and environmental legislation. With an established presence, world class systems, highly trained staff, and strong relationships with regulatory bodies, we offer our clients O&M services that are reliable, secure and cost effective asset management solutions, maximising return and minimising risk.

Our client-base is as diverse as our operating sectors, ranging from smaller startup organisations to large multinational and blue chip companies.

We believe there are four critical success factors for O&M:

  • Relationships – working in partnership with our clients is the only way an asset can perform at optimal levels.
  • Safety, health and environmental performance – we operate a number of Top Tier COMAH sites and the systems and processes used at these sites are used across our business.
  • People – we pride ourselves on our expert team, which includes some of the most experienced, highly trained and motivated people in the sector.
  • Proven track record –  25 years’ experience of operating and maintaining strategic industrial assets, and recognised and awarded by our industry bodies.
px Group engineer operations and maintenance Operational Services
Mobilisation and transition
We have extensive experience of transitioning existing operational teams into our business and recruiting and mobilising new teams.

Our key objectives during a transition are to:

  • maintain high levels of Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) performance;
  • maintain high levels of reliability and availability;
  • progress the transfer of corporate systems, information and competence;
  • establish a full O&M structure providing a sense of stability for site personnel;
  • if applicable establish a thorough understanding of the facility and its history;
  • review operating procedures, method statements and risk assessments; and
  • where appropriate, evaluate maintenance sub-contracts and spares arrangements.

Operational Excellence
We are committed to delivering maximum return on investment for our clients while minimising risk. Each operational site is benchmarked against our operating model (based upon IOGP report 510) which covers key areas such as:
  • Process safety management and Management of Change (MOC)
  • Occupational SHE management
  • Behavioural safety management
  • Implementation of integrated management systems
  • Disciplined operations and maintenance
  • Continuous Improvement

Health, safety & environment
We believe that harm to people, environment, asset and reputation, as a direct result of our activities, can and must be prevented.  Our ZERO Harm Charter outlines our commitment to world class standards of safety, health and environmental control and avoiding all cases of workplace ill health, injuries and incidents, including damage to the environment.

This is achieved by the creation of working conditions that encourage positive attitudes, behaviours and contributions from all personnel.

Maintenance & plant development
Maintenance and outages
We believe that a maintenance programme has to exceed the basic requirement of keeping the plant operating and we work with our clients to find a program which meets each plant’s short and long term objectives. The essence of the programmes we deliver is one of quality management – where the staff are in control of the plant equipment and not the other way around.

It is widely recognised that statutory inspections are the largest source of plant downtime. Managing this process is part of our O&M operations, and due to our best practice procedures we are able to reduce the duration and frequency of inspections with no impact on the quality of work undertaken.

Plant Optimisation
Our engineering and consultancy team are experts in the optimisation of energy and process related assets. They’ve led numerous optimisation projects at plants and facilities operated by px Group, as well as for independent clients.

These include performance enhancing studies and modifications, life extension projects and reporting systems.

Project Management
From initial concept development through to commercial operation, our tried and tested processes and control procedures are designed to safeguard safety and quality, and control costs and programme.  Services include:
  • Project procedure development and implementation
  • Health & safety management
  • Quality Management System (QMS) development and implementation
  • Programming and progress measurement
  • Control estimate and cost management
  • Document control
  • Project reporting
  • CDM management
Management services
Human resources
We provide award-winning comprehensive HR, compensation and benefits services with 25 years’ experience of working within a 24/7 business culture and dealing with operational teams.  Services include:
  • Payroll and pension administration
  • Pay advice, guidance and structures
  • Benefits brokering and management
  • Health promotion and surveillance
  • HR Systems implementation & updating
  • Reward and recognition
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Employment law compliance
  • Employee welfare and wellbeing
  • Competence, training and development coordination and delivery
  • Trainee schemes: work experience apprenticeship, graduate, management
  • Agency employee and consultancy management

Regulatory license & consent management
We can coordinate all relevant compliance activities and provide the following services:
  • Management of planning conditions to ensure compliance
  • Completion of environmental permit applications
  • Interface with legal bodies i.e. HSE /EA /Local Authorities

Information & communication technology
ICT systems are central to the successful operation and maintenance of a facility.  px Group has developed a range of skills focused on providing the reliable 24/7 ICT services required for provision of professional operational and business continuity.

Our Information & Communication Technology infrastructure is strictly controlled and delivers rapid, efficient systems and services to all px Group’s sites across the UK.

We create an ICT environment that delivers real bottom line value for our clients.

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