Due Diligence

px Group’s approach to due diligence stems from our ‘owner-operator’ mind-set and is derived from more than 25 years’ experience operating highly complex industrial facilities, allowing us to effectively improve performance and identify areas of weakness and risk.

Our knowledge and experience comes from management, operations and maintenance of 18 facilities operated and maintained by px Group across its history. Of these: 

  • 15 of which px Group is/was the Duty Holder/Permit licence holder, and;
  • 8 of which are COMAH facilities

We can tailor our approach specific to clients’ needs, whether that is providing a roadmap for a business transition or embarking on a more detailed commercial and operation due diligence project. Where necessary we can align px Group’s workstream leads on a one-to-one basis with our client’s team to ensure the best sharing and understanding of data and information. 

px Group can also support clients’ growth aspirations by helping them to target and secure strategic acquisitions and capital investments or to review their current business to identify optimisation and value opportunities .

Our due diligence services are often the forerunner for wide engagement leading to transition support, optimisation studies, engineering and ultimately operations and maintenance services. 

We also advise owners seeking to sell assets in order to carve-out and transition effectively, safely and maximising value through efficiencies, cost reductions and optimisation opportunities.

px Group’s operational expertise and experience can help with understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the business model for target companies, assets and infrastructure.

By using a combination of head office resources and site due diligence teams we can:

  • Identify where improvements can be made
  • Explore opportunities for increased revenue or cost reduction measures where appropriate
  • Highlight potential issues, red-flags and mitigation measures

We can screen potential opportunities for clients and support further due diligence including for example:

  • Data room review
  • Q&A Processes
  • Site visits and technical due diligence
  • Commercial review and due diligence
  • Operational gap analysis between the current and ultimate operating model
  • Transition planning including resource and demand scheduling
  • Identifying key transition tasks, critical paths and resource requirements
  • Focussed ICT transition gap analysis:
    • Corporate Provision Replication
    • Customer Ordering Portal
    • Terminal Automation System
    • Desktop Infrastructure
    • Communication Links
    • Networking
    • Cybersecurity
    • Software
    • Licensing
    • Servers
    • Transition Planning
    • Identification of other requirements i.e. maintenance management etc.

We have worked with numerous European clients including Private Equity, Infrastructure partners, developers and asset owners. Some examples of the types of projects we have worked on can be found below.

ClientLocationPlant TypeSize/Capacity
Private EquityUKCCGT portfolio sale3,200 MW
Private EquityUKUtility sale CCGT portfolio>3,000 MW
InfrastructureUKCombined Cycle GT (CCGT) Plant1200 MW
Financial/DeveloperUKCombined Cycle GT (CCGT) Plant1200MW
Global commodities and tradingEuropeCombined Cycle GT (CCGT) Plant870 MW
Global commodities and trading EuropeCombined Heat And Power (CHP) Plant426 MW
InfrastructureUKCoal fired plant with biomass conversion420 MW
DeveloperUKCoal fired plant with biomass conversion420 MW
InfrastructureEuropeCombined Cycle GT (CCGT) Plant415MW
InfrastructureEuropeCoal fired power plant400MW
Infrastructure & Owner/DeveloperUKOwners Engineer for 300MW biomass plant300 MW
Private EquityUKNew build biomass investment300MW
InfrastructureEuropeGas Engines50MW
InfrastructureUKBiomass Plant15MW
Midstream asset ownerUKUpper Tier Gas Processing Facility2,648 mmscf/d
Midstream asset ownerUKUpper Tier Gas Processing Facility1,200 mmscf/d
Midstream asset ownerUKUpper Tier Gas Processing Facility800 mmscf/d
Midstream ownerUKOil terminal800,000 BOPD
Private EquityUKUK oil pipeline network10 pipelines, ≈2000Km
px group (internal purchase)UKUpper tier COMAH chemical park370 acres
InfrastructureEuropeChemical Park and utilities135 acres
InfrastructureEuropeFuel terminals (multi assets)2 million m3
Downstream asset ownerUKFuel Terminal (2 assets)2.5 million m3

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