Power Generation & Renewables

px Group has a strong core competency in power going back to 2002 when the company was formed and operated the 1875 MW Teesside Power station, which met approximately 5% of the UK’s daily average demand. Since then we have grown our power operations and have expanded our footprint into renewable energy. 

Our sites

We have operated and maintained the 188 MW Fellside Combined Heat and Power (CHP) since 2004. It provides electricity and steam to the adjacent Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility as well as to National Grid.

px Group also operates the 15.3 MW Stallingborough CHP plant, which provides power and steam to the Tronox titanium dioxide manufacturing facility in Immingham.

Since 2013 we have operated and maintained the Beckton CHiP, fuelled by tallow, used cooking oil and rapeseed oil. The plant has seen year-on-year output improvements since takeover.

Most recently, px Group took over the operations and maintenance of the 6.5 MWe Holbrook Biomass CHP in Sheffield. The transition from the previous operator took place in less than 2 months demonstrating our responsiveness to customer needs. Holbrook builds upon our previous experience operating the Port Talbot biomass plant in South Wales.

What we do

Energy transition is leading to a huge market transformation. We are taking our experience of operating traditional CHP assets and applying it to the safe, efficient and reliable operations of renewable power plants.

px Group also has an Energy Management Services business with a 24/7 team of experts in energy trading who can work with our power and renewables clients to find bespoke solutions to commercially optimise their assets and market positions. 

How we do it

Our client base is diverse, ranging from financial owners through to manufacturers. px Group’s capability and competence in managing our clients’ power assets allows them to focus on their core manufacturing processes.

Our view

Increased volatility in the power market requires flexibility in generation and trading while energy efficiency and optimisation have become ever more important for industrial users and as margins are put under pressure for generators. px Group’s in-depth knowledge across the whole energy spectrum makes us uniquely placed to support our customers’ needs in an ever-changing market.

The team

Our operations and maintenance capability is complemented by our engineering and development expertise. As well as our on-site teams, we have a strong central office function in Stockton which is able to draw upon many years of experience in operating other assets.

px Group Power Generation Fellside Combined Heat and Power Exterior

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