Energy Transition

px Group is committed to Energy Transition and is the perfect partner for companies setting out on the journey to a lower carbon footprint, helping to achieve genuine, effective and sustainable change.


Global energy markets are changing at a rapid rate and the increasing scale-up of renewable energy has been staggering in recent times; however, this is still very much the beginning of the energy transition and we must maintain our momentum to achieve change. 

Governments, markets, businesses and individual consumers are making strong commitments towards Net Zero and these commitments must be translated into real-life opportunities that reduce emissions, which cause climate change. Whilst the UK Government target is to achieve New Zero by 2050, Scotland has set an ambitious target to become Net Zero by 2045.  The UK’s offshore oil and gas industry representative body OGUK, of which px Group is a member, has even bolder ambitions and has released a Roadmap to reach Net Zero in 2035.  Industry is leading the way.


px Group believes the fundamental starting point to energy transition must be the efficient use of energy and this has been something at the heart of our operations for more than 25 years. Without efficiency the transition process is weakened and wasteful, when we consider the scale of the challenge and the potential costs we must not allow this to happen. 

To meet the climate challenges we need to reduce the impact of fossil fuels and in time reduce and replace these with low and zero carbon sources of energy, as well as using mitigation measures such as carbon capture and storage. 


The costs of energy transition are hugely significant whether at country, business or individual level, but it will also drive investment and help build new economies around renewable fuels, products and services. One thing we can do is re-purpose or recycle existing fossil based infrastructure and manufacturing for clean fuels and products. 

px Group is pursuing energy transition opportunities across all our businesses and we are involved in some of the most exciting and world-leading projects that will help the UK meet its Net Zero commitments. We are strongly aligned with industrial decarbonisation that is essential to hit Net Zero by 2050, but we need successful businesses, competitive manufacturing and a strong economy to make it sustainable.

px Group has a track record of efficiently running assets across the energy lifecycle, from offshore to green energy and next-generation low-carbon technology. We work collaboratively with our customers to align performance and deliver change through energy transition.

It takes a company that understands the entire energy spectrum to bring sustainable change to the sector.

Renewable Power

With over 25 years’ experience managing, operating and maintaining some of the UK’s largest industrial facilities, it was natural for our businesses to enter into the renewable power sector as the UK’s energy market moved rapidly towards lower carbon solutions.

Driven by new generation technology, lower costs as renewables become more established, and increasing commitments from governments, industry and consumers to tackle climate change, the sector has become increasingly significant to our shared future.

We have transitioned and diversified into the renewable power, bio-fuels and waste conversion to resources sectors.

px Group operates: 

  • Beckton Power Station which uses bio-liquid fuels including tallow, used cooking oils and rapeseed oil to generate around 130 GWh of power each year.
  • Port Talbot and Holbrook biomass power plants, the latter generating power from waste wood using an organic rankine cycle technology. 

px Group also provides technical, engineering and project management services in this sector. We are the owner’s engineer and technical representative for MGT Power who are constructing the world’s largest biomass power station at Teesside.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

px Group has for many years been deeply embedded into industrial CHP which delivers competitive, energy efficient, low carbon supplies of reliable heat and power for manufacturing processes. 

Our CHP operating experience includes:

  • Teesside Power Station -1875 MWe CCGT, triple fuel capacity, critical steam offtake to Wilton International
  • Fellside CHP – 188MWe combined heat and power plant, dual fuel capability, 250te/hr steam delivery capability, critical steam host (Sellafield) 
  • Stallingborough CHP  – 15.3MWe combined heat and power plant,2 x 60 tonne per hour supplementary fired Heat Recovery Steam Generator’s (HRSG’s), critical steam host

At Saltend Chemicals Park px Group distributes CHP as well as waste heat recovered from manufacturing processes and steam generated from waste. In time, this will switch from natural gas to hydrogen, further reducing the carbon footprint. 

px Group is currently developing and commercialising a high efficiency tri-generation system with 40% lower carbon and high operating efficiencies of more than 100%.

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